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The biggiest EMM producer will develop manganese ore in Ukraine

Writer:长阳福利锰业Source:原创 Number of visits: Date:7/8/2013 04:02:54 PM

Xinhua News Agency approved on 18th Aug. The biggest EMM producer, Hubei Changyang Hongxin Industrial Group Co., Ltd., will develop manganese ore in Ukraine. If it goes into operation, Hongxin Group may be the biggest EMM producer in the world.

Through outbound mergers, Hongxin Group obtains 80% ownership of a manganese mine from a Ukraine company which is owned by a British company that has 500 million tons high-quality MnCO3 ore. The total investment in Ukraine of Hongxin Group is 51.11 million USDs, and will go into operation in October 2012. The major markets after going into operation are east Europe and EU.

The chairman of Hongxin Group Mr Silian Li said that upon completion of this project, part of manganese ore will be carried back to China to save Chinese mineral resources. Industry suggested, government should encourage and support substantial enterprise to dominate more mineral resources on the international markets.

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