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Qing "Seven • a" party to carry out democratic life, training of party activists held

Writer:Lu YanSource:Strength Manganese Number of visits: Date:6/17/2011 02:39:59 PM

Ben Wang Reuters to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding, review the party's glorious history, praise the great achievements of the party, depth A Good activities, and guide high-strength Manganese members play an exemplary vanguard role.

 June 10 at 15:30, Manganese branch strength to respond positively to the party committee called, held to celebrate "July" 90th anniversary of founding of democratic life, the company has more than 20 members attended the event, convened by the Organization Committee Zhou Hongliang chair. Meeting key learning Gaotielingzhen party spirit of the document and "celebrate the 90th anniversary of the PPT", review the party's history.

 In order to strengthen their ideological and moral education to help workers who build the right motives, June 11 19:00 Manganese branch strength of party activists held a training course, 30 from the Ministry of the workshop room of party activists participated in the training. Communist Party of China were opened training history, constitution, concept of scientific development, and correct the contents of lectures and other motives.

 By focusing on the group discussion, questions and other means so that employees have a basic knowledge of the party have a better understanding, more determined to join the party's confidence and determination.

 The photo shows members of democratic life


 The photo shows the 90th anniversary of the party branch secretary Tang Weiqiu about history


 The picture shows the party activists singing "Ode to the Motherland"

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