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Cadres take the lead, brothers collaboration, unity is strength

Writer:Lu YanSource:Strength Manganese Number of visits: Date:6/17/2011 02:36:26 PM

With the plant staff, and consciously to grab board electrolysis plant, less than an hour to two of the electrolytic cell room to grab a plate full, we are tired a sweat, but no one complained. June 9 on the night of thunder and lightning, power failure again, despite the hard work all the staff, relied on to grab the board again into the battle.

June 9 all mid-level companies that failed to properly peel manganese plate, cathode plate gave up the case of the lack of time to rest at noon, came to knock electrolytic manganese plant board, employees see the company's other plant on the cadres, have also joined the ranks of the spin-off, excluding overtime, to help brothers and selfless participation in the workshop. This spirit of unity and cooperation, fully reflects the strength of the team is a cooperative, united team.

The picture shows the spin-off company cadres take the lead


The picture shows the employees are fighting to grab the board

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