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Implementation of safety guidelines, promote corporate culture

Writer:Maria WangSource:Strength Manganese Number of visits: Date:6/17/2011 02:37:51 PM

Operators around the "security training, and post security in the whole plant identification, slogans, and actively respond to the" National Safety Month "activities.

Training, the Chief Executive Officer Zhou Hongliang take the lead in teaching, focusing on safety training significance, not only is the legal norms of the need, or their own security needs, but also companies based on production, people-oriented, and vigorously promote the building of enterprise culture, build a hundred years needs.

Through training, the staff read in the mouth, written on this, and keep in mind, what truly understand the "three no harm," "how to prevent injuries," and so on.

Next, high-strength, general manager of Manganese will continue to be based Tang Weiqiu unified deployment, the workshop, actively cooperate with all departments to implement every Thursday in June, six were to be trained for different types of programs, and expand the staff's safety speech and security model, effectively implement the security.

 The picture shows the shop staff in general to sing, "Glory Song"

The picture shows the special operations training on-site electrolysis

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